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What is Featured Snippet? Types, Benefits & How to rank

Featured Snippets are short texts that appear on top of search engine results. It provides the users the best and quick results for their queries. The selected short text that turns up as a Featured Snippet in search engine results is automatically taken from website pages in Google’s index. Getting featured in the SERPs can boost your brand’s online visibility and organic traffic.

Here is an example of a featured snippet:

What are the types of Featured Snippet?

A Featured snippet can flourish your website pages. Google Featured snippets are the first outcome that appears on search engines. Google collects featured snippets from different relevant pages and provides answers to user’s queries accordingly. The four most popular types of Featured Snippets are Paragraph Snippets, List Snippets, Table Snippets, and Video Snippets.
  • Paragraph Featured Snippet

Paragraph Featured Snippet is the most common and popular snippet which provides quick solutions to your queries immediately. Almost 90 percent of Featured Snippet is paragraph types. In paragraph snippet most queries begin with why, what, can, do, are, and how-to. Search engines look into the outcomes with the targeted keyword and prefer the most accurate and applicable solutions for the user’s query rapidly. The website page containing well-optimized paragraph with the targeted keyword which are short and enlightening have more chances to appear as featured snippets and rank top in the SERP thus, getting more organic traffic and flourished website.

For example, here is a paragraph Featured Snippet for ‘what is an example of big data’:

  • List Featured Snippet

List Featured Snippet is of two types:

1. Numbered Featured Snippet

2. Bulleted Featured Snippet

The Numbered List Featured Snippet helps the users to get an idea of the procedure with simple step-by-step instructions. Almost 10 percent of featured snippets are lists snippets. These often appear for queries including how to instruct, How to do DIY tasks, recipes, etc.

For example, here is a Numbered List Featured Snippet for ‘How to draw a unicorn’:

The Bulleted List Featured Snippet provides a simple and easy list that doesn’t follow any particular sequence to accomplish a task. These often come into view for queries involving best, types, ranked, lists, etc.

For example, here is a Bulleted List Featured Snippet for ‘ Types of leadership’:

  • Table Featured Snippet

In Table Featured Snippet the data appears in search engines as rows and columns with well-structured and systematic information. The search engine examines the user’s query and develops the tables that spotlight the best outcomes as per the user’s query. These tables come to light for searching queries including the price, data, lists, etc.

For example, here is a Table Featured Snippet for ‘ Top 10 cryptocurrency’:

  • Video Featured Snippet

Search engines collect data from external reference authority like YouTube to appear YouTube video as Video Featured Snippet. The search engine looks into the user’s query and grabs videos from external sources to provide answers according to the user’s query. YouTube Video Featured Snippet pop up for queries for how to.

For example, here is a YouTube Video Featured Snippet for ‘ How to make slime’:

What are the advantages of Featured Snippet?


A Featured snippet has many benefits for a successful website page. Featured Snippet can get your website more visibility and stand top among your competitors on search engines. Featured Snippet will continue to pop up whenever the user searches for queries and has a great advantage over your website.

Here are few advantages of Featured Snippet:

  1. Instantly boost website traffic
  2. Improve brand awareness
  3. Increases the conversion rate
  4. Page optimization for voice search
  5. Improve website audit
  6. Optimized click-through rates

How to get website Featured snippets on Search Engine?


The Search engine algorithm automatically tracks and determines thousands of pertinent website pages and selects the most suitable page for the featured snippet. Getting your website on Featured snippet is not in your hands but everything is possible if you follow these tips. Here are few tips to achieve your website on featured snippet:

Excellent Keyword Research

Excellent Keyword Research has enormous power to get your website on featured snippets. Analyzing the most searched and suitable keywords can be a game-changer to attract the audience. One of the most important tasks is selecting keywords where Google provide featured snippet, this is a magnificent method to shoot featured snippet. Develop target keywords with a questioning goal to stand top in search outcomes.

To boost your website there is four essential keyword intent:

  • Navigational Intent
  • Informational Intent
  • Transactional Intent
  • Investigational Intent

Focus on well-defined long-tailed keywords as an element of your SEO strategy. It has been brought into light that the vast majority of receiving Featured Snippets is by applying long-tailed keywords. Explore various keyword research tools to find pertinent keywords.


On-Page SEO


SEO is series of actions and strategies to improve your website. SEO is known for its extraordinary content and exceptional keywords. Formulating impressive content with lists, paragraphs, and step-by-step instructions to shoot featured snippets. Make sure the word limit of the content is a minimum of 50 words to get the perfect length for the featured snippet.

Generate HTML tags in your website for Google to get better and quick view. Add headers to organize your paragraph (h1), (h2), (h3), (h4) for headings, questions and bullet points. Usage of (li) for lists can increase the chances to get Google Featured Snippet.

Mark Date For Your Content


Latest is an illusion. Users often search for the latest and fresh content so, it is a great idea to add the date on your posts to make them more visible to Search engines to show up on featured snippets. The search engines always give greater importance to dated content.

Make sure to re-optimize your website page weekly or monthly so that the latest contents are available to users. It helps to build trust and reduces the confusion connected to the age of the content. The Google Featured Snippets are always most recently published.


Google Featured Snippet has enormous power to increase your business visibility. It is an excellent way of digital marketing and the organic traffic of the website has a huge impact ever since the launch of the featured snippet. Optimizing and creating fresh and unique content can always get your website more traffic. Google Featured Snippet builds trust and integrity among users moreover, it generates potential visitors to your website. Getting on Featured Snippet is not easy there is a lot of competition, know your competitor websites and plan a step ahead of them.

The tips and tricks to get on the featured snippet are mentioned above. Follow these tips to get on the featured snippets and a flourishing business in the future. Always remember to update your page with the latest and fresh information to secure your position in Google Featured Snippet.