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Different Types of SEO : Top 4 Different Types of SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of getting better visibility of websites on search engines through unpaid and organic methods. SEO targets many different types of searches like video search, image search, news search and more. It basically is the practice to get your sites positioned high on mainstream web search tools and get you authentic traffic or visitors and increase their quantity and quality on your website.

Different types of SEO:

There are four types of search engine optimization, all pointed toward assisting you with acquiring more prominent perceivability in search engines. The major difference between these has to do with how intently SEO strategies lineup with search engine guidelines and how they finally help your SEO endeavors.

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO
  • Red Hat SEO

1. White Hat SEO:

White as a colour usually depicts purity just like that even in the world of SEO white Hat SEO means no use of inorganic or illegal ways of getting top rankings without overusing keywords.

The goal of White Hat SEO is to improve search engine results positioning using methods that are in line and approved by the search engine.

To get the most amount of visibility it is important using relevant keywords both short tail and long tail keywords including keywords naturally in the page, headings, other page content, link anchor text and more in your content. Furthermore it is important to have knowledge of analytic reports and fine tuning the content.

Using the correct HTML markup so that the search engine is able to correctly identify your content and headings. We also make sure that the alt code is valid and the search engine bots can crawl through every page. Using CSS in order to separate content from markups and later insert relevant keywords.

The main goal is to be able to create quality content that other people might link to, to be able to do this successfully you can use directories and other relevant website links for the site and optimizing social media pages to attract followers.

In short white Hat SEO refers to strategies, tactics and techniques that target human audiences and are organic in nature.

2. Black Hat SEO:

Black Hat SEO is almost the opposite of white hat SEO. In this you improve the search engine rankings by strategizing.

Keyword stuffing is the most well known technique of black hat SEO, in this keywords high numbers are put into the backlinks, meta tags, visible content and more to gain rank advantage in search engines.

Deceptive content also known as cloaking is a technique used to deceive web search engines into positioning content for a particular term that isn’t related to the content of the site page. Deceptive content shows one piece of content to clients while showing an alternate piece of content to search engines.

Using various links from different websites without any context in order to get more views is also a black hat technique. Content Automation, link farming, doorway or gateway pages are few other techniques of black hat SEO.

The use of black hat techniques are highly discouraged as they violate the search engine terms. It is a way to get short term results but once the use of these techniques is detected you can be banned.

3. Gray Hat SEO:

This is a combination of both white hat SEO and black hat SEO. You do what it takes to rank fast on search engines without completely spamming the site.

Gray hat techniques include using high keywords and placing them strategically in your content. Publishing the same content multiple times on your website to get more views. Buying links with the sole purpose of Improving link popularity. Duplicate meta tags, dead links, confusing navigation are other techniques of gray hat SEO.

Gray hat SEO methods are still not the safest and are questionable. If it is detected that you are using these methods you won’t be banned but could get penalized for using them.

4. Red Hat SEO:

Red hat SEO is also known as the local SEO. Unlike black hat and gray hat SEO that use unethical methods to improve rankings on search engines Red hat uses smart, bright and bold optimization methods.

Red hat optimization techniques include thinking outside the box and the usage of the latest tools and technologies that make a listing stand out and give a boost to the conversation rate.


These four hats are the most common SEO methods that you will come across when optimizing your website. The main goal of all these methods is to improve your rankings on search engines by optimizing your content, keywords, links and more.