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What is App Store Optmization? ASO Optimization Guide

App Store Optimization (ASO) improves app visibility within the app stores and increases app conversion rates. The primary app stores are App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. In addition to ranking high in the app store search results, ASO means improving the app’s title, keywords, meta-data, screenshots as well as rankings on app stores that user ratings and reviews can increase. The main aims of ASO are to increase the scale of an app within an app store and improve the CTR. ASO can be achieved by a combination of on-page factors and off-page factors. Both of these factors work together to optimize an app.

Whether you are a seasoned app marketer or just starting, ASO Boost provides everything you need to succeed in the app stores. App Store Optimization is a ranking factor for mobile apps, boosting exposure in iTunes or Google Play search results. It is a process that includes but is not limited to the discovery of relevant keywords, evaluating their volume, difficulty, and competitiveness, and then developing an ongoing strategy to optimize your app throughout its lifecycle.

Why is ASO important?

The number one formula for success in the App Store is ASO. Its the quickest way to get your app discovered and eventually downloaded on mobile devices. App Store Optimization benefits everyone. App developers want to make it easy for users to find and discover their apps, reviewers want to accurately describe an app’s value, and SEO professionals want more chances to improve the app store ecosystem. Businesses and developers use ASO to generate new revenue opportunities, reach consumers in new markets, grow their user base, raise capital and more.

What are the advantages of ASO?

Optimizing your App Store Optimization helps you get discovered faster in the App and Play Stores. It tells the story of your brand and app, shows users what makes it different, and helps them understand why they should download it. As a result, Google is putting more weight on the ASO of apps in search rankings and overall app discoverability.

  • The app store is the largest mobile application marketplace globally, so it’s no surprise that so many people are trying to get their apps discovered. App Store Optimization (ASO) is a practice in which an app’s title, keywords, and screenshots are modified to increase its discovery rank and drive traffic and downloads.
  • App Store Optimization helps you to reach the right users. It matches your app’s descriptions, and keywords with the keywords users are searching for. This way, your app will be found by the right users on a hunt for an app like yours.
  • To have great results, ASO requires constant attention. It’s essential to know how the app search works, track your keywords, check which of them are ranking, and how long. You can optimize your content by comparing all similar apps, seeing what they did right in terms of keywords and descriptions, then matching their results.
  • The app store is where you start generating traffic to your app listing page. Even though it’s not the first interaction a user could have with your app, it’s critical for them clicking the download button. In this presentation, we’ll show you how to effectively optimize your store listing page so you can boost your downloads and revenue.

How to carry out App Store Optimization?

1. It is vital that you know your audience and how to reach it. Search engine optimization is the most efficient way of doing this, as you can get a snapshot of what your target audiences are looking for in their search results. However, before you even settle on a title, make sure you’ve done your research and found out exactly how to reach out to your potential users.

2. Optimizing your app name with the right keywords can help you make sure that your app gets discovered. You need to carefully choose a name to catch users’ attention in the search results. People need to know what type of apps you develop, what kind of benefits they can get with your products and services. That is why it is important to pick a short, easily understandable, and recognizable name.

3. The goal of ASO is to maximize sales by increasing the visibility of your app in App Store and Google Play. When people search for a specific keyword or combination of keywords in the App Store or Google Play, and your app shows up as a suggested result, then it’s very likely that person will download your app.

4. If you want to raise your app’s rating and rank on Google Play, then you need to optimize your app description.


As the world continues to go app-crazy, increasingly SEO-savvy users are taking to their app store of choice to help them find what they’re looking for and avoid what they don’t want. In short, streamlined user navigation is paramount — which means ASO. Do you think your app is on the top of every user’s list? Not likely. But using effective keyword matching in your title, subtitle, and tags, along with proper in-app metadata implementation and tag optimization will make sure that your app gets in on the most vital clicks.