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Why your business should consider Instagram Advertising?

Instagram is more than a place to share photos and videos with friends — it’s also a top destination for many of the world’s most powerful brands. As photo- and video-hungry users continue to flock to the platform, it can be challenging to capture their attention. Luckily, that’s where Instagram ads come in.

Instagram has become a powerful marketing channel for businesses and celebrities alike, with over 1 billion people using the platform each month. With Instagram’s visual solid focus, and ad spots piggybacking on Facebook’s popular inventory, this is a channel that merits serious consideration. Instagram advertising has more relevance for your audience and now is easier than ever to access. Create highly targeted campaigns that are served on Instagram and Facebook. Audiences can now discover your business on Facebook, and you can reach up to 25 million potential customers across all three platforms.

Why should you choose to advertise on Instagram?

  • Instagram can be a great place to nurture these relationships and build a community of Instagram users engaging with you or your brand on a more personal level. Simply put, social media influencers have a better chance of converting leads because their followers trust them.
  • With Instagram advertising, you can tap into one of the most engaged audiences around. This highly visual social media platform is perfect for brands who want to infuse their advertising efforts with their brand identity. When you call IG, this is exactly what they’ll do, giving you the perfect mix between organic and paid content.
  • Instagram advertising allows you to promote your business on Instagram actively. It’s a paid social media strategy that gives your organic tactics a boost by amplifying specific posts on Instagram. This can be used to drive traffic to your website, sell products, increase engagement, and more!

What are the guidelines that you should know before advertising on Instagram?

Whether you want to promote your product, drive people to your website, get them to watch a video or app, or run a Facebook ad campaign for Instagram (yes, Instagram has native buying power in the Facebook ad planner platform), Facebook has an incredible resource about every type of ad for every marketing objective.

What is the cost of creating an Instagram Ad?

Instagram advertising is a highly effective platform for growing your tribe and driving more sales. Your Instagram demographics will be at the core of building an effective Instagram marketing campaign, so you must know who is using Instagram in your target market. We can help you choose suitable targeting options, create a successful ad and get results.

Instagram has the cheapest advertising cost, according to a report by Pixability. They concluded that Instagram Stories are one of the most cost-effective ways to market on mobile. With Instagram, you can also choose where your ads will show up. Feed ads are in chronological order, while stories are at the top of the screen and can be placed as full-screen photos or video ads.

More and more businesses are building their Instagram following to create a two-sided conversation with their customers and get brand loyalty. While Facebook’s right column ads tend to be the most expensive, both Instagram feed and Story ads are some of the cheapest placement options, ranging from about $0.80 to $1.30 CPC.

Some tips to improve your Insta Marketing game:

1# Be Unique!

While advertising your products on Instagram, it is essential to look at the strategy as a whole. Facebook, Google +, Twitter advertisements are much more effective when working together. It is recommended to use photos that blend in with other images on your target audience’s Instagram feed for Instagram’s marketing strategy. Otherwise, your ad will stick out as inorganic content and be less effective. Use pictures that blend in. Users want to see content that they are used to viewing on Instagram. This means no excess text that does not fit with the theme of your post.

2# Use your community’s content for promotion. (by giving proper credits)

The best business owners use their Instagram account to display association with genuine customers who have used their products and loved them. And that is precisely what they need to do. PPC is an excellent method to reach targeted audiences, but it can’t compete with Instagram marketing to build trust. If you make an Instagram ad that uses a user-generated image, your potential customer is more likely to find it engaging. And because it’s made with their photo, they’ll be more open to buying from you.

3# Focus on your local audience.

Instagram is now as effective as Facebook at getting local businesses more customers. This free strategy works with high-interest locations and gives you the ability to target particular areas. Instagram is all about images and creativity, a system that’s proven powerful for local businesses. Our latest small business study shows that Instagram ads allow you to reach people in their community with targeted detailing, which will enable you to build awareness and credibility.


Instagram is a great way to advertise your company. Its user base – mostly Millennials – is engaged and receptive to brand awareness. If you’re curious about how to effectively make use of an Instagram ad then keep reading for some effective Instagram advertising tips. By following these steps, you’ll be more likely to succeed with your first Instagram ad campaign! We hope this information helps kick you off to starting an Instagram ad campaign in the right way.

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