Take your business at a national level with National SEO

When it comes to SEO services there are two types, local and national. These two work on completely different algorithms on Google and targets different types of customers. While local SEO services focus on the location your business is based in and national SEO services, as the name suggests, target customers from all over the country. Choosing local SEO services will get your business ranked higher with your local brands and choosing the national SEO service will give you the opportunity to compete with businesses at a higher level even if you have a small business.

This will help your business to be visible to a wider audience, grow your business, gain more consumer traffic, build customer relationships, and compete with the bigger business of the same products as yours.

So, do you have a business that can be taken to a national level? Then this is the right service for you. 

Let us tell you why.

Few services that businesses provide are location-based it can be local or national. If your business provides local services then ranking your page in your local areas will provide you with the best results but, if your business can be scaled up to the national level then you should expand your business to the national market where you will be competing with your local as well as national brands you will need National SEO services to rank your website on top of the search engine. 

National SEO Services : Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's)

How does National SEO work?

A strong strategy is important for getting ahead of your competition. National SEO strategies are complex as it has wider targets and higher competition. When your website is optimized to a national level your business will not only be competing with local brands but also with brands all over the country. So, the higher the competition, stronger the strategy. Your whole website will be optimized to get to your target audience.

To provide organic traffic to your website effective keyword optimization, analyzing and improvising the data will be done to get your business at a national level search.

So, how will SeoRachana help your business get recognized at a national level?

To make your website visible at a national level search engine our SEO team will analyze your business data and come up with the best SEO strategy which will last long term. This will include Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, SEO Consultation, Content Strategy Planning, Well-designed Website, Technical SEO, and much more.

Let us take you through the national seo services in descriptive manner.

SEO Consultation: Before you start optimizing your site you need to know what strategy will help your website attract the target audience. An SEO consultation will help you come up with the perfect strategy.

Keyword Research: Keywords define your content. It’s a key aspect to rank a webpage on the search engine. Thorough keyword research according to your business is done. Focusing on keywords will inform Google that your website is relevant to a search that is currently happening on the search engine.

On-Page SEO: Our team will give careful attention to each webpage to optimize the search engine.

Off-Page SEO: This is more about link binding, social media, and local SEO. Where strategies will be built for bringing traffic from other Media.

Content Strategy Planning: Whatever you do your content is the star of the show. Good content is the one that drives traffic to your website. Planning out good content with a good SEO strategy will help the visibility of your website.

Well-designed Website: Building a user-friendly website is one of the things that attract customers to your site and makes them stay.  

Technical SEO: When it comes to technical SEO non-content, elements will come into the picture. This provides a good user experience which will increase the overall traffic of your website.

How much does our National SEO Services cost?

National SEO services are focused on a wider range of audiences all over the country this means that the competition to get on top of the search engine is difficult. While this may cost you more than the other services this will be a long-term investment and is totally worth the price. 

We charge Rs.15000 / $206 for our National SEO services. This will include all the strategic planning and for sure help your business to rank up in the search engine and stay at the top for a longer period of time.

Small business or a huge company every brand needs to be recognized to scale up. 

Do you think your brand is ready to go National? Let’s have a word and come up with a National SEO strategy for your brand.

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