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What Is Google Algorithm In SEO And How It Impacts Your Website

If you have been keeping up with internet marketing then you have definitely heard about Google algorithm. So what exactly is the Google algorithm? An algorithm is a set of instructions that are given in a finite number of steps in order to solve a problem. Google algorithm follows the same definition and the rule of an algorithm and here is how it works.

When you type any keyword in the search bar Goggle throws up many results relating to the keyword that you have typed. Rather there are million results that will come up against any particular keyword. But the question is how does Google decide which ones to show in the first page and which results should appear in the later pages? How does Google give an order to the websites against a search keyword? It is using the Google algorithm.

#1 Google has a very complex algorithm

Google’s search algorithm is definitely not easy to crack and it also keeps changing regularly. The company has not made the elements of the algorithm public but there are a few things that we know of that can have an impact on the ability of the page to appear in the search results against some keywords.

These include:

  • The appearance of the keyword in the page title, in the header tag and in the meta descriptions
  • The amount of organic and naturally occurring links on the page
  • The manner in which the website performs on the various electronic devices like tablets and mobiles

The above are just some of the elements that are explored by the Google algorithm that determines how to deliver the rank pages. A SEO company in India knows how to work around the Google algorithm to place your website in a high rank on Google.

#2 So which elements matter to Google the most?

The Google algorithm when reads the page then puts in a pre-ordained value to each of the traits on the page that it is seeing. This is a numerical value which gets added to the final results. The webpage that has the most number of desirable traits will move to the top of the ranking because the Google algorithm gives it more importance.

These are calculations that are done by Google pretty fast and the ranking will keep fluctuating as the web developers manipulate various attributes in their website that attribute to the page ranking across a web on the single page. This means that the Google algorithm rank is very fluid. Thus a webpage that ranks first for keywords may either rise or it may fall as the content on its page and on the other pages changes.

#3 The various SEO algorithms

1. Panda

Google Panda is the algorithm that is used in order to assign a quality content score to the web pages. The sites that have spams, low quality and thin content are down-ranked.

2. Penguin

Google Penguin looks for websites that have any unnatural link profile. It identifies them and down ranks it. These are the websites that spams the search results by using link tactics that are manipulative.

3. Pirate

The Pirate update of Google was designed in order to prevent the sites that have got many copyright infringements reports and it does not let these sites to rank well on the Google search. Therefore it does impact your website ranking.

4. Pigeon

Google Pigeon alters the Google search result based on queries in which the location of the searcher plays a crucial role. Distance plays a key role in determining the search results.

5. Hummingbird

The Google Hummingbird algorithm that interprets the search queries and provides these search results that matches the interests of the searcher rather than the individual keywords that is used in the query.

6. Possum

The Possum algorithm returns results that depend on the searchers physical location as well as the query phrasing.


Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) algorithm update ensure user intent content, relevant content and natural text on the webpage to throw up ranking for keywords.

Google algorithm impacts the traffic on your website as well as the website ranking

The Google algorithm for SEO has a major role to play on your website ranking because it moves your webpage rank depending on whether or not you are doing what Google wants. If you do what Google wants then this improves your web page results.

So what does a high rank mean to you? A high rank means more traffic for your websites and the right kind of traffic will be able to pull in more leads to your websites which converts to high sales and more profits for your business. So you see the SEO benefits of Google algorithm changes? Ranking high on Google search is important because it directly helps to increase your business revenue and profits.

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