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The Secret To Ranking Youtube Videos For Better Search

Maybe you weren’t aware that YouTube is accessible by over 94% of adults 18 years and over. That statistic equates to roughly 278 million people in the United States alone. Think about how your business could cater to those people in a country with over 318 million people. The truth is that YouTube marketing requires a particular strategy. Unless you rank high in the search results, your videos won’t get seen, and this is what separates failed videos from successful ones.

The key to making a youtube seo is including your keywords and the names of people you wish to market. Then, sending the video directly to them is a great way to build business relationships. Videos sent directly to people instead of searching for the keyword or the name of your business are the best way to use YouTube.

Recipe for the best ranking Youtube videos:

How to rank Youtube videos is a little intimidating at first because it requires you to learn SEO and how to properly optimize your videos. However, once you learn the basics it’s not all that complicated: listen to your audience for what they like and want, then provide it.

#1: Optimize Your Title for Views:

Think about your competitors’ titles and try to come up with something equally as funny or informative, but that includes your keywords as well. Also, keep in mind that if it’s a popular keyword, you may need to have an even more specific word or phrase to improve your ranking on Google Video Search. Finally, try different variations of your title while keeping in mind that the actual video title should appear as the title of your web page AND in the bullet points around the video while watching it.

#2: Focus on making an attractive thumbnail:

A well-designed thumbnail can do wonders for your YouTube video SEO. A nice-looking thumbnail image will catch the eye of YouTube users as they scroll through search results, reminding them of what they came to YouTube to find. Good thumbnails can add millions of views to the top videos in search results, and with this hands-on eBook, you’ll be able to create great graphical content for YouTube thumbnails!

#3: Description Text:

Google wants to know that your video is relevant and useful for searchers, so use a few sentences above the fold in the description to remind people what the video is all about. Use words that would be searched to find your video, like “however” and “mainly,” to fill in any gaps.

#4: Create a transcript of the video in English:

Whether you’re creating a video to rank in YouTube search or adding captions to an existing YouTube video, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about captions for YouTube.If you don’t have a copywriter to write the transcript, then you better get yourself an excellent Virtual Assistant to do it for you. It’s easy for VAs to create a transcript of any video in English-speaking countries but not so easy in non-English speaking countries.

#5: Provide translated Subtitles

Many people don’t realize this, but you create subtitles for your video in the same time-stamped format of your transcript (except in the foreign language). The trick is to use the micro formatting in your subtitles and transcribe them into a foreign language as well! You can check out a great article on how to do this here. It allows foreign language video viewers to watch your video with subtitles (closed captioning), and it will enable your video to rank for keywords in that foreign language.

#6: CTA

While the “outro” is not one of the benefits of youtube SEO, it’ll guarantee that your video gets total views. It will help your viewers know where to find you and will provide a neat little invitation for them to subscribe. With the clear outro, your audience has the motivation to click the subscribe button. There’s no guessing or feeling like you’ll miss something if you don’t stick around to watch the whole video.


Pre-requisites when carrying out seo for youtube videos:

  • You’ll notice that YouTube is already suggesting a bunch of related keywords for you to choose from. This will get you started, but keep in mind that YouTube will also suggest seasonal keywords related to holidays and other events.
  • If you’ve got a video that you think is doing well, congratulations! Before you get too excited, however, make sure it’s ranking well in the YouTube search results. There are literally millions of videos competing for attention here; if yours isn’t coming out on top, it may not ever get discovered. Start tracking your rankings now, and find out what works!
  • If your goal is video success, then your first step is to create original, compelling content. Once you’ve done that, the next step is to promote it through every available channel. If you can ensure that your videos are organically appearing in relevant searches, and remain visible in the search results once featured, you can build up a substantial following—and grow your views, subscribers, and engagement over time.

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