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Is SEO dead or alive?

So, to begin with, did you carry out a few searches on the Internet whether SEO is alive or dead and stumbled upon a myriad of articles? Well, while the debate has been doing rounds for long, it is yet to reach any conclusion. Herein, twisting the question a little more, let’s look whether SEO is still effective or not?

As per many SEO experts in india, SEO is still alive. However, it has only shed its old traditional skin and incorporated newer methods.

Food for thought

With time, the internet has grown out to be the terrific giant that can be a game changer for businesses. Thus, search engines and SEO rankings have garnered more importance. SEO consultant India deems on building a better platform using relevant content, context and semantics to stay in tandem with the industry needs.

Encompasses every aspect

SEO experts in India work on more aspects other than just concentrating on link and keywords. It is more about building a strong brand, adding value, providing high-quality content and creating a powerful profile. Thus, to put across in better words, SEO is alive and it’s only the traditional old methods that have been put off.

However, this doesn’t stop here itself. With the growing demand for digital marketing and SEO services, more will change in the near future. SEO consultant India states that it is a continuous cycle and the methodologies of application will go on evolving with time.

Optimizing the data for mobile devices, smartphones, voice search, Alexa, laptops, Google Home and much newer technology is the very crux of modern SEO techniques. In addition, with the onset of Artificial intelligence, it has become much more important to let SEO go through metamorphosis so as to stay relevant and competitive in every realm of searches and data generation.

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