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Top 5 Major Benefits of SEO

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines. Let’s have a look at the top 5 major benefits of SEO.

1. SEO Builds Brand Integrity

Superior branding allows you to reside in the hearts and minds of people. Branding is more than logo, slogan or a design scheme. Branding is the experience you offer to your customers. Branding can help you get social shares. Social shares directly influence your ranking. Ranking first, second or third may give your customers the idea that you are one of the top influencer in the industry . By ranking top on search engines can help your business build trust and integrity among your customers.

2. SEO Helps Establish Brand Perception And Equity

Brand perception is one of the top concerns for business. SEO build recognition and trust in companies. SEO also build brand equity which may be helpful in future. SEO consists of optimizing websites and web pages with the aim of improving their positioning in search engine upshot. This helps in reaching spots on internet with high visibility, with relevant content that helps people, presenting what brand knows and what it has to offer. Content marketing is one of the significant ways of spreading the word about your brand. When SEO and branding are fused in the form of magnificent content, boundless stopping power is created.

3. SEO Assist More Desirable User Experience

User experience create positive impact in the minds of the users about the efficiency of a brand and helps the brand to sow the seeds of business. If user experience lacks in satisfying the user then the user may not return back to site so, it’s important to have a commentary user interface for enhanced user experience. Desirable user experience also leads to higher conversion rate. This will help in creating a authentic and regular visitors too.

4. SEO Upshot To Higher Conversion Rate

The most powerful of conversion rate optimization is social proof . Conversation rate depends upon many factors including new member registrations, product sales , user reviews, user interaction and social share. SEO traffic is more promising to convert than other sources of traffic, In actual fact SEO has best conversation rates . By placing yourself on search engines, you’re placing your business to win more conversations. The good ranking of your site on any search engine websites can assure you high conversion rate.

5. SEO Is Inexpensive

SEO is inexpensive because it is a combination of free and paid marketing. SEO does not require huge investment, if you have good SEO required skills then you can handle your business all by yourself or hire a capable SEO company to get your work done for you. SEO lowers advertising costs too. There’ll be no need for you to advertise your page to gain attention if you’re already in top list. Using right rank tracking tool could help you improve your rankings and organic traffic pointing to your website. Finer cost management is just a few of the benefits of SEO to your business.

SEO Advantages

SEO is measurable, the biggest advantage of SEO is you can measure conversions and the source of conversions along with the progress of your website rankings. SEO increases sales and leads, If you successfully rank your website on top Search engine rankings then your business can tremendously increase sales and leads. SEO is a long term strategy, SEO ranking cannot be achieved overnight, it requires more than 6–8 months to get higher ranking in Google. Therefore, it takes time to attain a higher ranking in Google. SEO does not require high investment. SEO is cheap than advertising, it cost you more money than SEO however SEO cost you less and the return is much higher. Once you rank top on search engines, your website will receive millions of views which leads to massive hit . SEO does not involve any paid advertising, SEO is all about organic traffic so there is no need to invest cosmic amount on ads

Importance of SEO

SEO is essential without it, you’re either going to invest heavily in paid traffic, or a large amount of time and resources in building and growing a immense amount of social following online to bring on referral traffic to your site. SEO makes sense as a long term strategy, if you’re creating content which is helpful to your users then it’s a free way of gaining attention to your site. SEO put an end to cold-calling and other traditional strategies ,you need not to waste time to make calls or put advertisements in newspapers and other social media platforms for people who are not willing to purchase your products and services.

With the ascending significance of web in the current age and the ruthless competition in every sector, online marketing has actually gotten significant momentum. The nature and size of company you run does not matter, however its online presence is the chief requirement. In such conditions SEO marketing plays a vital role to rise your online followers and that can not be ignored if you actually want to mark your presence online. SEO influences purchasing decisions before making any purchasing decision, a user wants complete information to know about the product or service. It also results in offline sales. Here SEO fulfills that demand by providing content marketing.

SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy is essential to increase qualified leads to your website. A website should be created to avail users and optimization should be created towards making user experience better. Here are few SEO Strategies to follow:

1. Create unique keywords.

2. Keyword Research & Analysis.

3. Create Quality Content.

4. Competition Analysis.

5. Page & Content Level Analysis.

6. User Experience Analysis.

7. Find Your Target Audience & Their Needs.

8. Internal & External Link Analysis.

9. H1, H2 & Strong tags.

10. Image Optimisation.


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